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Crystal Beast Deck!!


This Listing is for a 45 Card Crystal Beast Support Deck. In reality, the deck itself is tournament ready.


The Crystal Beasts is an unique archetype that defies normal dueling laws and resists destruction. When a face up crystal beast is destroyed, you can choose to send it to the Spell/Trap card zone as a continuous spell card. As such, the deck is revolved around powering this zone and swarming the field with a powerful OTK with Crystal Abundance. If you're unlucky and do not draw one of the 3 copies in here, you can choose to special summon Hamon, a powerful 4000 ATK monster that deals 1000 LP damage should it destroy a monster by battle.


Upon payment, the buyer will receive all the cards listed below (this is NOT a lot/grab bag) with SLEEVES inclueded!

All the cards are in Near Mint condition.
Mega Pack (common versions of pegasus and rare value, etc)



2x CrystalBeast Sapphire Pegasus (1x Ultimate, 2x Secret)

1x CrystalBeast Topaz Tiger (Common)

2x CrystalBeast Amber Mammoth (Common)

3x CrystalBeast Cobalt Eagle (Common)

3x Crystal BeastAmethyst Cat (Common)

2x CrystalBeast Emerald Tortoise (Common)

2x Gravi-Crush Dragon (Common)

2x Magna-Slash Dragon (Common)

2x Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle (Common)

1x Dweller in the Depths (Common)

Magic (11)

1x CrystalAbundance (Rare)

1x AncientCity – Rainbow Ruins (1x Rare)

2x CrystalBeacon (Common)

3x CrystalBlessing (Common)

2x CrystalPromise (Common)

1x Chain Strike (Common)

1x Magical Stone Excavation (Common)

Traps (14)

1x LastResort (Common)

2x Gem FlashEnergy (Common)

2x chain Healing (Common)

2x Numinous Healer (Common)

2x Rainbow Gravity (Common)

3x Crystal Raigeki (Common)

1x Chain Whirlwind (Common)

1x Chain Detonation


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