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Hey giai here the silver knight in the flesh now if you want to know more about me dont be afraid to message me i will get back to you i promise O:)

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Reply goddess84
6:28 PM on April 3, 2014 
how are you doing :)
Reply Viper
8:06 PM on January 21, 2014 
Reply goddess84
5:01 PM on January 16, 2014 
have a good one :) and thanks for cheering me up :)
Reply goddess84
10:55 AM on January 12, 2014 
thanks for the add back and i hope all is going well :)
Reply Gaga Girl
10:42 PM on August 3, 2012 
hey sweetie i am doing fine thanks
Reply Kim's Niraforce
1:44 PM on June 20, 2012 
Hi how is the Revolution Champion :)
Reply Johny T. Acid
10:29 PM on March 15, 2012 
Oh Giai, you think I care that your the "Big Hero". You think I'm going to stop just because you asked? "Oh please Mr. Acid. No more mean words." Ha You have something I want and I am not going to stop until It is mine. You will feel the Acid's burn. And while you sit there defeated you will know that what you prized for so long was taken by someone who was flat out better. Your time is running out Giai. please spend it wisely.
3:10 PM on March 15, 2012 
did u? well i think ur wrong perfection does exist its in jc btw and the other thing is elemental hero man was a joke at the time and the other thing. i was going to let you slide but now i am tired of you running your mouth and bringing up things that dont matter ya know what i dont even know is why your talking smack. when ppl read your post they and don' t care. when they read my post they love it. so just stop i told u. you will lose so just stop posting stuff. save all the things that you have to say till the event and say them to my face like a man k.
Reply Johny T. Acid
10:52 AM on March 15, 2012 
Perfection.... Pffff..... I learned long ago that there is no such thing. Everyone has their flaws and that is where I am at my best. Or don't you remember? Elemental Hero Man?
Reply Johny T. Acid
1:54 AM on March 10, 2012 
Destruction? Ha been there done that. Nightmares? Been there too. There is nothing to fear when you stared fear in the face.I thought you would know this already. Maybe there are lessons even the mighty Master JC cant teach you.
Reply MetalGiai
11:53 PM on February 24, 2012 
win one for me Giai brother
Reply Xeahule Xolic
2:49 PM on February 15, 2012 
Clod huh that is one hardcore Character!! I picked Scorpion normaly I would go with Alucard over anyone but they didn't make him all the good
Reply Xeahule Xolic
12:13 PM on February 15, 2012 
lol well I didn't see that coming
Reply Xeahule Xolic
2:02 AM on February 15, 2012 
I made a fighting game just like marvel vs capcom and I put Clod from FF7 maxed out with buster sword frpm FF7A.C and ryu S.F 4 with all his moves from all the older S.F games who would u play as??
11:18 AM on February 13, 2012 
you draw fine everyone got there skills dont worry what ppl think its how you feel hey lol if they dont like it tell them to suck it lol but do it funny or ppl get pist lol lamo really pist lmao
Reply MetalGiai
12:58 AM on February 9, 2012 
so yea I take it u don't like my drawing then... sorry
Reply #1DeathDevomFan
1:56 AM on January 25, 2012 
you go the power Giai bro man Death
12:40 PM on January 24, 2012 
lol hahaha dont worry
Reply Xeahule Xolic
11:25 PM on January 23, 2012 
wow that sucks messed up man I'm sorry about that crazy woman with the cat thing lol
Reply #1DeathDevomFan
12:26 PM on January 20, 2012 
Hey bro man that ended back in October