Xolic Unleashed Season Zer0
Will be running through Kickstarter very soon, Xeahule Xolic is doing all the codes for it Discoman will be joining him on backgrounds and Sprites

The game is based off of Season Zero, this is Xeahule way of bring out Season Zero through the PS4.

The Game play will be a metroidvania style game with a hardcore Level up system added to it, along with a possible 4 player co-op added into it.
Health bars
Here you can see that the health bars are known as life points, also you see that every character has a little icons that uses their Finisher attack. Like Xeahule bar shows his sword he can perform Doominotchy Slice.

Your Stat list
Here you can add new stats to your character, every time you level up you can add points to a character.
When you rise your level you will become stronger and faster in the game, Also Xeahule can level up his X Blade making him gain more combos and better attacks
Charters you play as!!

Xeahule Xolic


Jade X

Xariou Ojoure
Giai Death
Power Up/Keys

Double Jump : Give you a second jump
Door Key : Opens several types of doors and you'll find them through out the entire game
Trap Key : Disables traps along the way
Devom Minion Battle : In several rooms throughout the game, you will summon a minion from Devom group to fight, you can earn other power ups or keys if you win the fight

Xolic Glide : After the Double Jump you can hold the jump button to glide for a long period of time
Weapon Sword : Playing as all charters you can use several different swords
Side Mission : Justice will show up and give you an extra mission, by  his mission you can earn Weapons, Xolic Points and Keys
Weapon Ax : Same as Weapon Sword
Weapon Staff : Same as Weapon Sword and Ax
Rice Ball : A large amount of Life Points restored
Boss Key : Enter a boss room and fight a b
Beef Stick : A Small amount of Lfe Points restored